ASET – “Rolled into One” (A Photo Project)

The singer and composer ASET – Aset Samrailova – is widely known from her participation in popular shows such as Russian’s “The Voice” and “Main Stage.” Now she has surprised her fans even more with a photo project, capturing ASET in the guise of multiple entertainment and artistic celebrities. They include Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon, Frida Kahlo, and Amy Winehouse – all brought to life by the combined skills of photographer Tamara Abramova and makeup artist Mila Nesmeyanova. The result is so realistic that many people will be unable to recognize a prominent, modern vocalist.

The launch of this project, entitled “Rolled into One,” will run parallel to a similarly named concert by ASET at the Kremlin Palace on April 20, 2017.

aset photo

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