LRK Trio perfomed in Poland!

On February 28th, LRK Trio (Lebedev-Revnyuk-Kravtsov) flew to the Polish capital Warsaw to take part in the large-scale concert on March 3 at the National Opera, where the premiere of the symphony “Hundred will take place.” The symphony written by Gzhech Piotrovsky for the World Orchestra, specifically for the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence, symbolized the unity among people and cultures.

The World Orchestra includes the best musicians from all over the world, playing on various instruments, among them: Moldovan cymbals, Bashkir kurai, harp, Armenian duduk and many others. Also, in the first section of the concert there was a symphony “Czech, Leh and Rus” about three Slavic brothers, the founders of the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia.

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