Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza

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‘’Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza” are an excellent Russian jazz/soul ensemble from St Petersburg. Due to the dearth of jazz and/or homegrown soul on the Russian scene, the uniqueness and professionalism of Non Cadenza mean that they’re usually afforded positive press. Their ability and desire to move back and forth between jazz, funk, and soul means that they’re also able to play in an equally broad range of venues.
The band released 3 albums and 4 singles, they have travelled through the country several times  and  participated in the major Russian festivals – Usadba Jazz, Wild Mint, Zavtra, Koktebel Jazz, Lady In Jazz, Jazz May.  ‘‘Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza” had a joint concert with Brand New Havies and Jazzamor, and performed at the main stage of the Interbational Jazz Day in Saint Petersburg.
Management and booking
Jana Lewandowska


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