HALF LIVE: album release “Soundtrack To A Non Existent Movie”

Half Live is a side project of 1/2 Orchestra – the second in a row, a new project, more verified, adult, which has absorbed all the life and musical experience of the participants, it is more personal and more subtly emotional. Continuing the tradition of 1/2 Orchestra, the band was not afraid to experiment with sound,

adding to it everything that is sweet to the heart and pleasant to the ear: electronics, a lot of wind instruments, jazz improvisations and … new inspiration.
The album is “still” nothing more than a prototype of a film that already has a script, Director and producer, but only …. it’s in your head. And only you can see it live. This is a virtual reality that everyone can see with the help of music. And to do this, you do not need to turn on the TV, but just close your eyes.”

writes the site jazzmap.ru

Listen to the album “Soundtrack To a Non-Existent Movie” on Apple Music.


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