1/2 Orchestra

#newage #brassband

1/2 Orchestra (“Polorkestra”) are a mix of wind instruments with drums and percussion. Plus keyboards, plenty of effects pedals – and processors, too. The music of Polorkestra is built on constant experimentation. Every show deserves close attention for its powerful groove and stunning atmosphere! Over the course of six years, 1/2 Ochestra have toured in Germany, Norrway and France. They’ve played at the Sziget Festival, at Tallinn’s Music Week ––and at all of Russia’s biggest events.

Altstadt Fest (Germany, 2013)
Sziget (Hungary, 2014)
Ujbuda Jazz (Hungary, 2014)
Talinn Music Week (Estonia 2015)
Barents Spektakel (Norway 2016)
Cirque et Fanfares (France 2016) –together with club and street performances in Paris,
Berlin,Budapest… and elsewhere!

Management & booking
Irina Kravtsova


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