Quinteto Astor Piazzolla

The quintet has toured the world for more than 20 years (Montreux Jazz Festival, Philharmonie de Paris, Jazzopen, Ravenna Festival, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Hall, Berklee Performance Hall, Umbria Jazz Festival, Jazzfestival Basel and numerous concerts in South America among others). It has been acclaimed by the international press as the only musical ensemble with the ability to represent the unique and inimitable style of the great Astor Piazzolla.


SHALOSH is an instrumental piano trio, that belongs to the current generation of cross genre jazz groups able to reach a wide spectrum of audiences, in the Jazz world as well as in other genres. Their music is raw, acoustic and progressive, crossing stylistic boundaries and defying definition. In its ten years of activity, SHALOSH has performed an astonishing 350 international shows on some of the world’s most prestigious stages.

Indra Rios-Moore

Wherever she plays, let it be Jazzopen, Festival da Jazz St. Moritz or Copenhagen Jazz Festival, she mesmerizes her audience with the help of a delicate Scandinavian quartet. The song “Little Black Train” furthermore reached the 1# position at the iTunes Jazz charts in France, Denmark and Germany and she recieved rave reviews throughout Europe and was named one of the best jazz albums of the year by London’s Sunday Times and London Telegraph.

LRK Trio

LRK Trio is the Moscow-based band, who got the Special Jury Award at the Made in New York Jazz Competition and toured in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway and Japan. The way they play and sound is 21st сentury, but they never let the listener forget they come from a distinctive culture of Russia. “This group is nothing less than a ‘kraftpakke’ (power pack). A sensation. The concert will be remembered for a very long time.” (Tor Hammerø, Molde Festival 2019)

Sofia Rubina

Sofia Rubina is what your best friend sounds like. Energetic, colorful, cheery and optimistic, the singer and performer blends all the genres you love to fit her brand like your favorite jeans. Whether you’re dancing in your kitchen or your local club, Sofia is ready to go there with you.
Sofia Rubina’s catchy tunes and infectious grooves have brought her all around the world, from the famous Blue Note in New York to the corners of Asia and back. Now, she wants to meet you, next!


"Motilda" is a project of Alina Rostotskaya: extremely unusual mix of indie music, electronics and jazz for the Russian scene. Deep, honest texts in Russian, cinematic, flight trumpet with a lot of sints, and most importantly-the voice: a warm, recognizable and unlike anyone else's voice Alina Rostotskaya.

Anastasia Lyutova

Anastasia Lyutova is one of the brightest singers of the modern Russian jazz scene. In 2019, Anastasia Lyutova and the band released the debut album «Some Like It Jazz» on the leading jazz label Venus Records in Japan, becoming the first Russian jazz band on the famous label. Anastasia appeared on the cover of the Jazz Perspective magazine.

Alina Rostotskaya

Alina's music can be described as acoustic fusion of jazz, Russian folk, and classical music. Rostotskaya won, or was among the finalists, at several international jazz competitions: Moscow Jazz Vocalists Competition (Grand Prix), Voicingers (Poland, 2nd prize), Riga Jazz Stage (Latvia, 3rd prize and Special prize), Nomme Jazz (Estonia, Special prize), Baku Jazz Competition (Azerbaijan, Grand Prix).


Aset Samrailova (ASET) is a singer, songwriter, and participant in Russia’s national version of “The Voice.” Her inimitable style and timbre have led to the nickname of “Russia’s Alicia Keys.” ASET works effortlessly across pop, R&B, soul, jazz, blues, and antique romances, including cover versions of multiple international stars – both in Russian and English.

Adelina Moiseeva

Adelina Moiseeva is a participant in "The Voice" show on Russian First Channel and the show “Songs” on TNT. This girl combines a bright personality, energy and unique “chest” vocals. Her songs are an inflorescence of an unusual timbre, sensual vocals, deep lyrics written by Adelina herself, and electronic music combined with warm piano and guitar riffs. Guitarist Igor Brezhnev wrote the music for the debut EP-album “To Love To Beat”, and keyboardist and saxophonist Mikhail Zuev worked on the arrangements.

Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza

‘Sasha Almazova & Non Cadenza” are an excellent Russian jazz/soul ensemble from St Petersburg. Due to the dearth of jazz and/or homegrown soul on the Russian scene, the uniqueness and professionalism of Non Cadenza mean that they’re usually afforded positive press. Their ability and desire to move back and forth between jazz, funk, and soul means that they’re also able to play in an equally broad range of venues.


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