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3-6 December 2017, the oldest European Jazz Juniors Competition was held in Krakow for the 41st time. This year, for the first time the competition was extended to the festival and renamed as Hitch On Music Exchange , in addition to the contest, the program now includes a showcase festival. Members of the jury of the independent commission made a blind selection (without indicating the names of the collective and their origin) and choosed 6 bands to participate in the contest (the main condition is the age (up to 33 years) and 8 bands to participate in the showcase festival (the main condition is album release in 2016-2017 years). Dina Nurgaleeva, director of Magnetophone Music Agency, was invited as a jury member of the contest for young performers, along with promoters, festivals and labels representative from Germany, Belgium, Poland, Serbia and China. As a result, the Polish band Quantum Trio became the winner of the contest, which will get a record of the album on Polish Radio label and invitations to 4 international festivals.
Participants of the showcase festival were bands from Poland, Italy, Belgium and Russia. As a result, bands received proposals from labels and festivals. Russia was represented by LRK Trio , which received a stormy ovation of the audience during its performance and caused undisguised interest from the professional community.
Thanks to the whole team of Hitch On Music Exchange, Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Tomasz Handzlik, Aneta Norek, for giving talented and completely different artists an opportunity to get a boost to their career! For being able to create a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere, where Exchange of ideas and projects between musicians and promoters takes place.

©Paweł Mazur, Hitch On Music Exchange


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