Indra Rios-Moore

Wherever she plays, let it be Jazzopen, Festival da Jazz St. Moritz or Copenhagen Jazz Festival, she mesmerizes her audience with the help of a delicate Scandinavian quartet. The song “Little Black Train” furthermore reached the 1# position at the iTunes Jazz charts in France, Denmark and Germany and she recieved rave reviews throughout Europe and was named one of the best jazz albums of the year by London’s Sunday Times and London Telegraph.

On stage her exceptional voice delivers finest Vocal Jazz in combination with her incredible personality. Indra Rios-Moore masters the old school of facial expressions and gestures that characterized the great swing divas, with a glance here, a gracefully outstretched hand there, or just a mischievous smile, giving her vocal performance a tremendous presence. Playfully, she creates moods, she glides without interruption from overflowing happiness to melancholy depth.

Indra Rios-Moore´s show at Stimmen-festival Lörrach has been called “one of the best shows in the 25-year running history of the festival” by the press.


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