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“Motilda” is a project of Alina Rostotskaya: extremely unusual mix of indie music, electronics and jazz for the Russian scene. Deep, honest texts in Russian, cinematic, flight trumpet with a lot of sints, and most importantly-the voice: a warm, recognizable and unlike anyone else’s voice Alina Rostotskaya.
There are not many artists today who dare to write and sing on their own, Alina is just one of them. There is no pretentiousness in her intonation; she has found a kind of fascinating simplicity, rare for today.
Motilda’s music speaks to the listener as a close friend, it has sincerity, it has vulnerability and at the same time — power, it has a lot of trust, courage and love.
Yes, we all missed this kind of music in Russian!

Alina Rostotskaya won, or was among the finalists, at several international jazz competitions: Moscow Jazz Vocalists Competition (Grand Prix), Voicingers (Poland, 2nd prize), Riga Jazz Stage (Latvia, 3rd prize and Special prize), Nomme Jazz (Estonia, Special prize), Baku Jazz Competition (Azerbaijan, Grand Prix). In 2013, Alina was part of unique reality TV competition, Big Jazz (Russia Culture Channel,) where she stayed until the very last round of the seven-steps competition.
World critics warmly received the debut album “Flow” of Alina Rostotskaya, and in Japan the album was sold out a record for a new jazz artist circulation.

Management & booking
Dina Nurgaleeva


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