The Crossing – Project of Enzo Favata


ENZO FAVATA soprano sax, bass clarinet & live electronics
PASQUALE MIRRA vibraphone , midi marimba, samplers & live electronics
FABIO GIACHINO bass synth live electronic Keyboards
MARCO FRATTINI acoustic & electronic drums

The Italian Maverick musicalmulti-instrumentalist Enzo Favata brings a new band to the international scene. The Sardinian saxophone wizard has an unquenchable spirit of adventure, and here he is with a new band that makes his music seem even more vital and essential.

It is a fresh musical mix, with vibes and electronics, electric piano bass synths and live electronics, drums that create wonderfully light and springy atmospheres for Favata’s slender soprano and delightful deep, dark clarinet.

To interpret new suggestions and new sound colors, Favata brought together the pianist and producer, in an original guise of synth bass, keyboards & live electronics. To the vibraphone Pasquale Mirra, considered one of the masters of this instrument. He completes the Marco Frattini quartet onacoustic & electronics drums.

In just over four years despite the pandemic the band has had great success touring Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Africa, Europe and South America with the release of an album reviewed all over the world. Music opens up to the world of new generations and to the sounds of modern music, but always with a vision that confronts the magical realism of the poetics of the multi- instrumentalist Enzo Favata.

The sound alternates between electronic music, jazz, cosmic rock, Ethiopian,Balinese sounds,and scace rock in a kaleidoscope of colors and melodies.

“The Crossing” music was defined by the Japanese press as:
“a visionary music with a wild Mediterranean taste, which blends with the hypnoticrhythms of Ethiopia and the Balinese atmospheres, mixed with a skilful use of electronics and improvisation. A unique poetic sound power, Italian jazz always reserves for us some big surprises, but this band is really brilliant “

Touring party: 4 (on stage)
Touring period: All Year
Current Album: The Crossing 3​.​0 Live (2023)

Management & booking
Dina Nurgaleeva
+39 348 245 70 73


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